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This website covers information about my bird ringing projects.

I was born in Laren (North Holland). As a youngster I grew up together with nature. Together with my parents I went out on- and around the lakes in Friesland and subsequently I really got to know nature in Holland through the Dutch Youth Society for Nature Studies (NJN).

After studying Ecology at the Rijkshogeschool IJsselland, I started to work at SOVON Bird Research. My work at SOVON consists of the coordination of a number of projects such as CES, RAS, nest cards, and monitoring breeding birds in the Gelderse Poort. In addition, during summers I am busy with fieldwork, especially with species specific research on breeding birds.

My hobby is bird ringing research. This started with reading rings from Black-headed Gulls. And this has grown into extensive bird ringing research covering different bird species.

I am doing the bird ringing research together with many other people. In the case of reading rings from the birds which I have ringed, I am getting support from many other highly motivated observers who send in their sightings on a regular basis, and from several hundreds of observers (in The Netherlands and from abroad) which read birds incidentally. Especially due to the input of many enthousiastic observers we have accomplished these results.

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RAS research:
RAS data season 2013 online!
(update 12-02-2014).

Black-headed gulls:
Map with all recovery records, new version Novembre 2013, see wintering birds en breeding birds.

Common Gulls:
Map of all ring recoveries from by me ringed Common gulls
(update 07-09-2010).

Black-headed Gulls:
Interesting life histories Black-headed Gulls
(update 17-08-2010).

Buzzards transmitted
(update 27-07-2010).

Black-headed Gulls:
Research on avian influenza in Litouwen
(update 11-05-2010).

More than 1800 Common gulls colour ringed in winter 2009/2010 !
(update: 19-02-2010).

Maps with ring recoveries from:
(update 15-12-2009).

Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata):
Female becomes "male" ...
(update 25-11-2009).

Black-headed Gulls:
New article
(update 11-03-2009).

Little Ringed Plovers:
Little Ringed Plover in Switserland, for third successive year
(update: 07-06-2009).

Egyptian Goose:
The first Egyptian Goose ringed with colour rings
(update: 27-04-2009).

Black-headed Gulls en Common Gulls:
Colour codes E-serie
(update: 27-04-2009).

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