Here are several interesting articles which were written by me, most often together with fellow-researchers.
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Black-headed Gulls

PDF Titel Auteurs Publicatie herkomst
New longevity records of Black-headed Gull, with comments on wear and loss of aluminium rings Klaas van Dijk, René Oosterhuis, Benny Middendorp & Frank Majoor Dutch Birding 34 (2012): 20-31
Site fidelity of Black-headed Gulls Larus ridibundus during primary moult Klaas van Dijk Limosa 84 (2011): 21-25
Origin and trends in numbers and breeding success of Black-headed Gulls Larus ridibundus breeding on Griend (Wadden Sea) Klaas van Dijk & René Oosterhuis Limosa 83 (2010): 21-35
Reproduction of the Black-headed Gull in coastal and inland colonies Jacintha G.B. van Dijk, Eric W.M. Stienen, Sonja Gerritsen & Frank A. Majoor Limosa 82 (2009): 13-22
Why do Black-headed Gulls chose to forage in the winter in the city, but not in the surrounding areas? Aarnoud J. Dekhuijzen & Frank Majoor Vlerk 25-2 (2008): 41-47
Influence of the capturing method on the observed sexratio in breeding Black-headed Gulls on Griend Klaas van Dijk & René Oosterhuis Limosa 81 (2008): 94-97
The Black-headed Gulls from the Noorderplantsoen: how many are there and what is the size of their breeding area? Jeroen Nienhuis De Grauwe Gors (2006): 68-73
Survival of wintering Black-headed Gulls in The Netherlands Frank Majoor,Peter van Horssen & Klaas van Dijk Limosa 78 (2005)
Wintering Black-headed Gulls in Arnhem Frank Majoor Vlerk (2001)
Reading metal rings in Black-headed Gulls in Groningen and Het Gooi. Frank Majoor, Klaas van Dijk Het Vogeljaar 43 (1995)
Worn-out Rings in Black-headed Gulls Frank Majoor Op het Vinkentouw 77 (1995)
Research on sleeping sites of Gulls in Het Gooi and surrounding areas Frank Majoor, Dick Jonkers Korhaan 29 (1995)
Foraging- and sleeping sites of Black-headed Gulls in Het Gooi Frank Majoor Korhaan 27 (1993)
Black-headed Gulls sleepingsite migration Frank Majoor Aythya 28 (1989)
The reading of ringed Black-headed Gulls (Larus ridibundus) in West Terschelling Frank Majoor Aythya 27 (1988)
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