Yellow legged-gull

Through September 2010 I have only ringed 6 Yellow legged-gulls. These were captured in Amsterdam , Arnhem and Groningen.

I have seen most of the Yellow legged-gulls along the Rhine and in the vicinity of Arnhem. Especially in the after summer sometimes a ring can be read from a Yellow legged-Gull. These are juveniles ringed as a nestling in Southern Germany (2), Italy (1) and Switserland (3). Elsewehere in the country I have seen one from Switserland and one from Spain, both ringed as a nestling. This Northbound migration of young birds is a well known phenomenon within this species.

On September 10th 2010 in Groningen we captured a first calender year Yellow legged-Gull with a Swiss ring (Sempach M.016708). This bird is colour ringed on the tibia with white P+ Photo'see below. On the same day another two first calender year Yellow legged-Gulls were captured and colour ringed with the codes U+ and R+ on the tibia. The administration of these colour rings around the tibia is done by E-mail: . More info see:
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