CES RESEARCH - Ooijse Graaf

The ringing group Ooijse Graaf consists of Frank Majoor, Joost Valkenburg en Holmer Vonk at present.

In 1996 we started with 93 meter mist net spread out over rough vegetation (among other vegetation, reed and stinging nettles), scrub (i.e. willow, hawthorn and elder) and forest edge (willow). In 1997 the number of mist nets is expanded to a total of about 150 meters. Here especially some nets have been added in reed land and scrub (willow and elder). From that time onwards, the total number of birds caught has increased enormously, and especially species such as Reed Bunting and Reed Warbler. Next, the pattern of the nets has not been changed thereafter.

Except for the first period of capturing bird in April 1996, in the Ooijse Graaf annually we succeeded in all 12 capture days.

In total, during thirteen CES-seasons, 60 different species where caught. Among these there are migrants which travel through such as Wryneck, Crested Tit and Bearded Tit which do not breed in the immediate environment. Most of the birds caught do breed in the area. But there are also individuals which actually travel through while migrating when ringing occurs. An example is a Reed Warbler which was ringed on June 4th 1997 and which has been recaptured on Aug 1st 1998 in Southern Norway. Moreover, birds normally chose sleeping sites in the area, that is, Yellow Wagtail, Barn Swallow, and Common Starling.

Gele kwikstaart.

In the context of CES every year an average of 630 individuals are caught (newly ringed and recaptures). The extremes are 533 individuals in the year 2000 and 802 in the year 2004.

After the CES season in the months of August through October ringing is being pursued in the area on an irregular basis. Using sound from migrating birds in general, birds are caught in substantial numbers. Especially Reed Warbler and Blackcap can be caught in numbers ranging from more than 20 up to 150 birds maximally on a single day. The most interesting captures are Wryneck (almost every year) and Yellow-browed Warbler (on Oct 3rd 2000) and Ortolan Bunting (Aug 24th 2008).

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See here for a unique list with all ring recoveries from the Ooijse Graaf. Each species on a map.

Frank, Jelle en Tijmen are blowing together in order to obtain the fat score from a Common Kingfisher. © Bram Ubels.
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