RESEARCH Black-headed Gull (Larus ridibundus)

In December 1984 in Laren (NH) I started reading some ringed Black-headed Gulls.
By coincidence I discovered at the time that the rings could be read with binoculars.
The systematic reading of rings from the wintering Black-headed Gulls in "Het Gooi" started in the autumn of 1985.

In autumn of 1993 I obtained a permit in order to re-ring Black-headed Gulls with very worn out aluminium rings. This ring permit was expanded in February 1994 on ringing first winter Black-headed Gulls in Het Gooi.
In November 1995 my permit was expanded to wintering Black-headed Gulls in The Netherlands.
In November 1996 I got permission to start using colour rings. This in the context of a systematic study towards the survival and site fidelity of the wintering Black-headed Gulls in The Netherlands.

This research is being continued until today.

Frank Majoor while reading rings in Arnhem. Sept 11th 2008.

Therefore a lot can be mentioned about research on Black-headed Gulls.
Therefore separate studies are devoted to research on wintering birds and research on breeding birds. Data on moulting (of the head) are also being collected by me.
Furthermore, research on avian influenza in Black-headed Gulls is being done.
In addition, it is interesting to look at interesting recoveries (shown with Google maps) of colour ringed Black-headed Gulls which were ringed by me.

From many observers I have received photo's with the Black-headed Gulls which have been read, most often with colour rings.

Numbers of Black-headed Gulls read by Frank Majoor, reported by ringing centres (as of August 2008):
Ringing centre Individuals Observations
Arnhem 4857 37004
Bologna 1 1
Bratislava 8 23
Bruxelles 386 857
Budapest 2 3
Copenhagen 182 710
Gdansk 243 895
Helgoland 167 622
Helsinki 688 2106
Hiddensee 60 185
Kalo 13 49
Kaunas 461 1434
Lissabon 1 1
London 108 194
Madrid 3 3
Matsalu 249 1006
Minsk 13 20
Moskwa 38 61
Olso 3 16
Paris 5 5
Praha 56 155
Riga 49 76
Sempach 7 8
Stavanger 22 126
Stockholm 566 1765
Totaal 8188 47325

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