Herring Gull

Through September 2010 I have ringed 172 Herring Gulls. These birds were ringed as bycatch throughout the country, but most in Amsterdam and Groningen. For most of the birds a sample was taken for the avian influenza virus.

In the city of Groningen some Herring Gulls were colour ringed wth a white colour ring around the tibia. This in order to establish the duration of stay in the city. The codes used are: H+, J+ and K+. The administration of these colour rings around the tibia is done by E-mail: . More info see: http://buijsecoconsult.blogspot.com.

For all of the ringed Herring Gulls I have received one remarkable recapture. Arnhem 5460058, ringed on December 17th 20009 as a 4th calender year in Nijmegen and is read on April 4th and 5th by Eddie Fritze at the refuse tip at Riga in Latvia.

The number of Herring Gull rings read by me for a ringing centre (on 15-09-2010):
Bruxelles 50
Hiddensee 6
Helgoland 11
Copenhagen 16
Kalo 1
Paris 1
London 8
Arnhem 254
Stavanger 8
Gdansk 1
Helsinki 2
Matsalu 3
Moskwa 3
Stockholm 2
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