In 2003 colour ringing research was started towards the wintering stormmeeuwen in The Netherlands.
This research is in parallel to the colour ringing research in Black-headed Gulls. And is especially meant to study a possible interaction between both species. Only the Common Gull is not caught according to a preconceived plan. The available number is predominantly dictated by the severity of winter. With mild winter weather the Common Gulls are in the fields and not in the city. The number of readings from colour ringed Common Gulls is very low as compared to the Black-headed Gull. Both in the research area (Dutch cities) as well as in the breeding areas.

On Saturday Jan 30th 2010 it was time for a party…
Common Gull number 1,000 for the winter 2009/2010 was colour ringed at the Oostersluis, Groningen! Not knowing that many would follow in that winter. Many Common Gulls were colour ringed in December 2010.
The year 2010 was ended with a total of 2,739 newly colour ringed Common Gulls. With all these new birds added, now almost 3,800 Common Gulls have been colour ringed up to now!
This is a nice sample for my research aimed at site fidelity and survival of Common Gulls overwintering in the Netherlands.

That Common Gulls show less site fidelity compared to Black headed Gulls is perfectly clear. In December 2010 there were still recaptures from in previous winters colour ringed Common Gulls from Germany, Poland and Denmark. Subsequently there were more and more recaptures from The Netherlands and later even from England and Belgium. This indicates that the gulls (similar to previous winter) have been moving around a lot. Immediately after the onset of thawing there where many recaptures from Germany of Gulls which were in The Netherlands in December.

1000e Common gull for winter 2009/2010.
Foto Henk van Huffelen.

See here a video about the catch and ringing of Larus ridibundus and Larus canus by Frank Majoor e.a. in Zoetermeer on 3 december 2010! ( Benny Middendorp)

See here a video about the catch and ringing of Larus ridibundus and Larus canus by Frank Majoor e.a. (from 16'45)

See pictures of the catch

Total colour ringed from 2002 to 03-03-2010:
Jaar Larus canus spec. Larus canus canus Larus canus heinei
2002 10 0 0
2003 14 0 0
2004 44 0 0
2005 147 8 5
2006 12 171 13
2007 1 57 4
2008 1 56 1
2009 3 478 27
2010 31 2583 125
Totaal tot 15-01-2011 263 3353 175

See here for a unique map of all ring recoveries from by me, in the winter ringed Common gulls. See each month on the map.

Codes used :
White, starting the letter E, followed by 1 letter and 2 numbers:
EA01-EA99, EC01-EC99, EE01-EE99, EH01-EH99, EJ01-EJ99, EN01-ENJ99, etc.

Also is used: white, beginning with the letter E, followed by 1 number and 2 letters:

Zoetermeer - Dec 14th 2007.

There are more photo's of bird ringing to be viewed here:
Gallery ringing at Zoetermeer, 08-01-2010

Gallery ringing at Nijmegen, 17-12-2009

Gallery ringing at Oostersluis, Groningen, 20-12-2009

Gallery ringing at Oostersluis, Groningen( Ana Buren)

Gallery ringing at Benthuizerplas and Noordhovense plas, Zoetermeer ( Benny Middendorp)

Number of Common Gulls, by ringing centre (15-01-2011):
Ringing centre Individuals Observations
Arnhem 358 1018
Bruxelles 59 80
Copenhagen 29 40
Gdansk 14 23
Helgoland 37 54
Helsinki 141 235
Hiddensee 23 32
Kalo 1 2
Kaunas 1 1
London 1 1
Matsalu 36 44
Moskwa 5 26
Olso 2 2
Praha 1 1
Stavanger 23 31
Stockholm 62 96
Totaal 793 1666

White EN58 - Maarten van Kleinwee

Larus canus Heinei en Larus canus Canus. Zoetermeer - Dec 14th 2007.

From many observers I have received photo's with the Common gulls which have been read, most often with colour rings. See here the Common gull rings photo gallery (update15-11-2015 )
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